Senior Product Manager at Xapix (m/f/x)

  • XapiX Software GmbH
  • Berlin, Germany

Senior Product Manager at Xapix (m/f/x)

Job description

Why Xapix?

Xapix is all about facilitating partnering through data and APIs. Our mission is to get the world's systems talking to each other using our data transformation platform. We are a deeply technical team and seeking to further build out our core before scaling up beyond current customers.

What’s our challenge?

We have a deeply technical tool with lots of horizontal use cases across industries. We are positioning our solution in the broader mobility space though aiming to inspire developers and non-technical decision makers to rethink the scalability of integrations and mobility services. Our solution is currently used by leading companies in the automotive and manufacturing space, but that is just the beginning.

While our team is split between San Francisco and Berlin, you will be part of the team in Germany! 


What you’ll do:

▪ Drive our product strategy and help the team learn more about business problems by balancing the voice of our customers with market opportunities and our vision

▪ Assist in developing wireframes, etc on the conceptual side

▪ Tag team with the founders, engineering and design on product development Create and conduct custom demos for potential new customers

▪ Further develop and drive a modern product management process (currently based on GIST)

▪ Support the engineering team by creating user stories and evaluating technical requirements by analyzing user problems  

▪ Introduce a better development resource planning process

Who you are:

▪ Strong product management expertise with passion for enterprise software 

▪ Experience creating strategic product roadmaps from conception to launch -and beyond 

▪ Experience working with cross-functional teams 

▪ Experience developing software products and technologies (ideally API products / deep tech products / developer tools) ▪ Background in the automotive or broader mobility sector is a plus 

▪ Excellent communication skills to explain complex technical issues in an easy way 

What you want to achieve with us:

▪ Develop a product that enables our customers to create partnerships and new products quickly no matter how old or complex their infrastructure is 

▪ Make our product easier to use for the average Excel user like consultants, project managers, etc 

▪ Bring modern software development quality standards to the messy world of data integration patch work code snippets 

▪ Map out a feature set with us that will make even seasoned software developers love Xapix 

▪ Help us establish further cross-functional teams and guide their product managers in the mid-term 

▪ Build a billion dollar product company